Tips For Starting a Small Business Online

Tips For Starting a Small Business Online

Research the competition

Before spending any money on the new business idea, check your online competition to make sure that this is a profitable business. Each company has a different business philosophy. Some companies play for the rich and upmarket by offering higher prices, a more sophisticated website and special benefits for spending on their website. Other companies offer extremely low prices on their products in an attempt to underestimate their competitors. They are willing to accept lower profit margins if it means an increased sales volume. Make sure you can find a niche within your product market and it will still be profitable. You want to find an intermediary that allows you to earn money and attract customers. There are some products that I refuse to sell online strictly because my competitors offer the products at wholesale prices. Their trick is to charge a higher shipping charge to compensate for the monetary loss.

Tax ID

Then register your company and get a tax ID number. Tax number allows you to buy a product from a manufacturer without having to pay taxes and sell it to a consumer. This is known as a dealer. The tax ID number is federally regulated and is used to help the government to monitor your business. This number is also required if you have any employees. If you are a sole proprietor or person who is personally responsible for all obligations, you may use your social security number. This may sound like a simpler business, but if your business is corrected, they have the opportunity to access your personal assets. Do not forget that banks and credit card companies also need a tax identification number to open a business account.

Find products

Once youve decided that your idea can only flow, you need to find the product vendors. Use the internet, directories, and yellow pages to find their phone numbers and websites. Not all vendors will sell to an online store so you have to spend time talking to each company. First and foremost, find out if the seller offers a wholesaler and what kind of discount. It is common for a company to charge 50 percent of the consumers cost. If the product sells in the store for SEK 100, you should be able to buy it for SEK 50. Smaller companies or artists can offer a smaller discount, such as 30 percent to 45 percent, so make sure these products are still profitable for you to sell. Some companies will recommend that you stay within a certain price so that you do not undermine the competition or gross profit from a sale.

Create a website

The first step in creating a website is to think of your domain name, or the name people will use to look up your site. I searched for a registrar that provides domain name I used GoDaddy because of cheap prices. Many times your name has been taken and you must play with spelling or find a new company name. I recommend using a simple name that explains your business and spelled correctly. Join a .com instead of other changes to your name, as this is more common and less confusing. Once your name is registered you can either start developing your website or find a web host.

Credit Card Acceptance

Credit card approval is the last component to create a successful online store. People use the internet for the convenience of buying a product at home. They want to enter a credit card number and receive a receipt for their actions that state that the payment was approved. Credit card approval works to your advantage as well. By accepting credit cards, you are guaranteed payment for your services and you do not have to wait for a check to arrive and then clear.


The next step is to decide how to send your products. The simplest method is that the manufacturer blindly sends the products directly to your customer. In this way, you do not need a container and the dropshipship means that your name is on the shipping labels and not the manufacturers name. Very few companies are willing to drop ships or they can charge an additional fee for their time. Usually you should keep the item in your home or store and send it directly to the customer. I recommend that you take an average size package to different shipping companies and see what they are charging. I took a package to FedEx, DHL, UPS and UPSP and asked about shipping prices. I also asked about insurance on the package, tracking and signing confirmation fees. I could then compare each company and see which one would be the cheapest.

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